End Times Prophecy

The Law of Attraction – a disturbing and invigorating idea.

Having been a Bible understudy for more than 20 years, I’m all around charmed at all the predictions coasting around about the last days. It appears the further we get from Biblical occasions, the more individuals harvest up who guarantee conviction about the tribulation and the arrival of Christ. Truth be told, the many broadcasted “prophets” are, themselves, an indication of the most recent days, however not in a way they would wish. As the end moves close, it’s significant for us to make cautious investigation of the Bible and of the individuals who guarantee they have the responses to all our who, what, how, where and when questions. This article is my most recent endeavor to reestablish mental soundness and confidence in the One-True-God while this disarray is being spread to catch even God’s “choose, if that were conceivable.”

The Biblical Standard For Prophets: Let’s beginning with a word of alert for the individuals who are so self-important as to attempt to represent God. The Biblical standard for a prophet is to be right 100% of the time. Individuals who represented God and weren’t right even on a minor detail were taken outside and battered to the point of death. God can’t be in blunder, along these lines, in case you’re in mistake and guarantee to cite Him, it’s most likely the greatest mistake of your life…maybe the last.

The present Prophets For Profit: When I originally entered service, a book entitled “1994” was famous among Christians. The reason was, that God had given the creator, obviously one of a kind, knowledge to translate Scripture and render a date Jesus would return, September 1994. I thought it was convenient for God to offer it to him early enough to sell the book for a long time before the end. By October 1994, the book was on special Request personal Prophecy at a profound markdown, after millions had been deceived. Obviously, this book was only the most recent in a multi year arrangement of confused or misleading records.

Throughout the hundreds of years, many have said they knew when Christ would return…especially at the multi year, multi year and multi year points. Some were even referenced in the Bible as having gathered cash from Christians while telling individuals that Christ had just returned and they missed it. Others have avoided setting dates, yet have guaranteed certain occasions, countries or individuals were the figures from end times prophecy. Catholics and Protestants each guaranteed the other were “Antichrists.” Hal Lindsey figured out how to sell a book and a motion picture on the possibility that the USSR was “the brute.” My personal most loved was the hypothesis that President Reagan was the Antichrist, since his name, Ronald Wilson Reagan contained 6 letters each, 666. It’s dismal, amusing and unsurprising that the majority of these individuals have a business or political point to their disclosures.

The most recent I’ve heard in this pattern is a “prophet” (name precluded purposefully) that has asserted God revealed to him something noteworthy would occur in Pennsylvania the seven day stretch of April 14, that President Bush would be vindicated (in the open’s eye) before the finish of his term, that some time in the following four years there would be solidarity among Christians and among the races of the World, a conclusion to the oil lack, the best economy throughout the entire existence of the world, and harmony in the Middle East.

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