A superb prophecy and proper pretension of the holy quran

Fourteen hundred years ago the holy quran stated in surah no 2 verse no 154”and do no longer say of those who are slain within the manner of allah that they’re dead. Rather, they are alive, but you do now not perceive.”

And in surah no three verse no 169 “and assume no longer of these, who are slain within the way of Allah, as dead, rather, they’re alive with their lord, well provided.”

The meaning of these verses is that the ones Muslims who’re slain inside the way of god are not useless, however they’re alive with their lord, and well provided, and we cannot understand that how they are alive and the way the God affords them the non-secular food and drink?

There’s a wonderful prophecy and authentic pretension of holy Quran that after I researched in 2009 in step with the above verses, I found that there are in reality tens of millions useless bodies like alive folks of these Muslim martyrs who have been slain within the manner of god (the way of faith Islam) of their graves underneath the earth in Muslim cemeteries of worldwide since centuries and years. They’re in fresh and dozing circumstance without consuming the food, ingesting water, without used any machine for their protection and without used any chemical on their lifeless bodies  Request a Prophecy

I have described a few authentic events of them with genuine proofs that you may examine about them shortly. This isn’t a magic, magical trick or sorcery that any frame can reject or refuse what I’ve said approximately my studies. It’s far a fact and a miracle.

Due to the fact there is now any lifeless body like alive individual in sparkling and napping circumstance of any non-muslim squad dies from Hindus, Jews and Christians who have been murdered all through the fighting towards the muslims inside the wars passed off among the muslims and non-muslims.

So i request to Muslim and non-muslim scientists, medical doctors, expert non-secular students, saints and leaders that they study approximately it and factor out the motive for the distinction among the Muslim and non-muslim lifeless our bodies. Our scientists have plenty of mind that they have made the bombs, and other modern technology, but they reached to the moon too. So i somewhat they’ll find the motive of protected dead our bodies of Muslims beneath the earth too?

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