Month: October 2019

A Prophecy I Received From the Lord Today

I was having two cuts of pizza today from a Turkish inexpensive food place I like to go where I have agreeable Muslim companions. As I was eating the second cut of Pizza I was pulled in to a mess of dollar notes from every unique nation that the proprietors had gathered and that were […]

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How to Learn Magic Tricks The Easy Way

How can one figure out how to be a magical entertainer? Since magic is a craftsmanship monitored by mystery, and the most capable magicians are denied from uncovering the mystery in their magic stunts, magic 8 ball real how might you seek after your craving to gain proficiency with the art? In reality, the motivation […]

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A superb prophecy and proper pretension of the holy quran

Fourteen hundred years ago the holy quran stated in surah no 2 verse no 154”and do no longer say of those who are slain within the manner of allah that they’re dead. Rather, they are alive, but you do now not perceive.” And in surah no three verse no 169 “and assume no longer of these, who are slain within the way of Allah, as dead, […]

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